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March 2019
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ChihYu Smith shares tips on discovering your niche, how to listen better to your audience, and secrets she’s learned in building up her following.

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ChihYu grew up in southern Taiwan and now calls Brooklyn, New York home with her husband Nate. She’s teaches busy folks how to make everyday Asian-inspired Paleo cuisine that tastes better than takeout from her site, and is about to release her first cookbook, Asian Paleo.

Top Takeaways
  1. When figuring out your niche, listen to people who are willing to pay for the solutions they’re searching for.
  2. Just because you’re an expert, it doesn’t mean your first (or second) product is going to be a big hit. Expect revisions to be required. 
  3. Blogging in 2019 is different than the “wonder years” before 2016. You can still be successful, but you need to blog about a very specific, narrow niche to get the right attention. 
  4. When creating a lead magnet, think backwards from the type of product or service that you offer, and use a very similar format. 
  5. Defy expectations from audiences’ limited beliefs. Provide value that surprises them. 
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Michelle Hickey shares the lessons she’s learned teaching other creatives how to turn their creative talents into real businesses. We also discuss her favorite email list building strategy, a must-read mindset book, and a few rules to live by. 

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Michelle is the owner of Enchanted Prints, an online stationery shop and editor of the blog, Elegance & Enchantment. She is also the co-host of A Podcast for Creatives. When she’s not “working” you can find Michelle exploring new cities, likely in search of typography and baked goods. Originally a New Yorker, Michelle now calls Northeast Florida home, where she lives with her husband, James and their feline family.

Top Takeaways
  1. As you gain success carrying out the activities of your business, you may get the opportunity to turn that success into a coaching business for others wanting to emulate your path. 
  2. You'll move forward faster when you stop letting excuses get in your way, and when you realize you already have everything you need to grow.
  3. Be honest with yourself about why you may be overcomplicating things. What are you trying to avoid? 
  4. When opportunity knocks, be sure you have the space available to take advantage of it. 
  5. Pick up the book "Unthink" to identify and reverse patterns you may have developed that are no longer serving you.
  6. Be willing to be a work-in-progress. 
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Our inaugural episode of The Lead Generation Podcast is here, taking the baton from the success of the ConversionCast show. Hosted by Bob Sparkins, the Lead Evangelist at Leadpages, The Lead Generation features conversations with today’s entrepreneurs willing to tell the truth about what it takes to be your own boss and why they wouldn’t have it any other way.
In this episode, we’re bringing to you the growth story of long-time Leadpages member, partner, and advisor Pat Flynn

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Pat is the founder of Smart Passive Income, a prolific podcaster, and internet marketing thought leader. This year, he adds Inventor and Live Event Host to his credentials. 
In this episode, Pat shares the entrepreneurial journey he’s been on since he was fired from his promising day job, and the frustrations and lessons he’s learned along the way. He also shares a behind the scenes look at the launch of his new tripod for vloggers, the work going into putting together his first live event, and what he thinks about attempting to achieve work/life balance.
Top Takeaways from This Episode
  1. Serve first. Based on your own expertise, create content that truly serves people by solving the problems they are currently facing. Turn your best solution ideas into products and services that drive revenue.
  2. You’ll encounter frustrations and setbacks as an entrepreneur. But you can lessen the severity of these by seeking feedback from key people in your life earlier, and asking talented people for help in areas that you’re not an expert. 
  3. Don’t wait until some time in the future to start an email list. Start right away, even if you don’t quite know where your business is truly headed. 
  4. Instead of trying to attain an impossible work/life balance, create your business in such a way that can bring your family closer together so their involvement can be higher and their understanding of what you’re up to can be sincere.
  5. When thinking through your next business venture, pretend that you’re in front of the investors on Shark Tank and imagine the kinds of questions they would ask of your business idea.
  6. The product you currently (or will soon) offer is the start of a relationship, not the end.  
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