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Nancy Marmolejo shares a different perspective on what a "freedom lifestyle" really looks like, what she's reading to fuel her spiritual engine, and what she learned during challenging times that can help you persevere during your own. 

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Nancy has an uncanny knack for getting her clients to discover their own Deep Genius® – a unique blend of purpose, passion, and prodigy that entrepreneurs and (and the companies they run) bring to the world. A former high school teacher, Nancy believes everyone's Deep Genius is their personal master key to making the difference you're here to make. 

Top Takeaways
  1. Take one step at a time, just because someone says you need to do something doesn’t mean it’s always right for your business or it might be better done at another time.
  2. There is honor in working. Do what you love and don’t be fooled by others touting a 3-hour lazy lifestyle.
  3. Find people who can hold you accountable. This might be accountability circles for small business owners. Take time to check in with each other, ask each other questions.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help during challenging times. Life is unpredictable. Asking for help can give you time and space to heal, and give you the ability to do your best work when you’re back in action. 
  5. Think of LinkedIn as a search engine. Consider the type of people you want to connect with and create your profile with the right keywords to make it easy for them to find you.
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