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Michel Fortin is a legendary copywriter and full stack marketer, currently serving as the director of marketing for a medical clinic in Ottawa, Canada. 

This episode is a counter-punch to our usual conversation on entrepreneurship. The skills you’ve honed as an entrepreneur may be well suited for taking your talents in-house for a corporate gig. Find out why a J-O-B might actually be a perfect move for you as Michel and I discuss his choice to take on a dedicated role inside a company, the principles of kaizen that he brings to his leadership style, and how he is still able to scratch his entrepreneurial itch. 

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About the Podcast
The Lead Generation Podcast features small business origin stories and marketing lessons for coaches, consultants, service professionals, and leads-dependent entrepreneurs. Our goal is to fire you up for your own business and shorten your pathway to profit while you make a positive impact on your audience. 
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