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Amanda Holmes shares how her professional and spiritual paths intertwine, the struggles (and thrills) of being thrust into a leadership role before she was 25, and what helps her stay grounded as she grows both CHI and DBI.  

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Amanda is the CEO of Chet Holmes International, a pillar among the sales and business coaching community. She’s also the CMO of Divine Bliss International, a spiritual non-profit organization, bringing Love and Light to individuals and businesses. 

** Top Takeaways **
  1. Move forward with pig-headed discipline and determination – especially when the path is new.
  2. If you find yourself in charge of an established brand with history, don’t be afraid to steer it into new directions. 
  3. At its root, a guru is a dispeller of darkness, an uplifter of light – one that brings you from ignorance to bliss to assist you on your pathway to understand who you really are.
  4. Bad things happening is inevitable. How you deal with them, while staying true to yourself, is what makes all the difference.
  5. Personal success is best measured internally instead of comparatively.
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