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We’re closing out Season 5 of The Lead Generation with a great example of an entrepreneur who jumped out of a comfortable corporate gig to start his own company. 

Bryan Nguyen ( shares how his initial business plan faltered and what he did to change his success trajectory. He also gives his advice on learning vs. delegating, and when it makes sense to work with a coach. I also got him to share a couple of financial tips that will likely save you quite a bit of money on your taxes.

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Bryan is the founder of CleverTaxes, which helps digital entrepreneurs grow profits and save taxes so they make more money, save more time, and have complete confidence in their financial health.

Top Takeaways
  • Choose your clients. Design your business in such a way that you get to pick the types of clients that you want to work with. 
  • Share quality content. Publish higher-value content and focus on disseminating it across multiple social channels.
  • Don’t delegate in the dark. Know enough about how to market your business to hold yourself and anyone you may hire accountable.
  • Hire a coach. Learning from Google and digital courses can help, but compound your learning with the accountability and prioritization a business coach can bring.
  • Designate a home office. With a separate home office dedicated to your business, you’re likely to save a lot on your taxes that you would otherwise not be able to deduct. Talk to a tax professional to get clear on what this means for you.
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