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Michael Hall and Chris Sakr, the co-founders of ShoHawk Media in Portland, Oregon, talk about the lessons they learned creating their feature documentary, Generation Freedom, how they collaborate on projects while having day jobs, and their approach to editing their content. 

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About the Podcast
The Lead Generation Podcast features small business origin stories and marketing lessons for coaches, consultants, service professionals, and leads dependent entrepreneurs. Our goal is to fire you up for your own business and shorten your pathway to profit while you make a positive impact on your audience. 

Top Takeaways from the Episode
  • Validate your ideas with the right people. Test your ideas with your market, not friends and family who will likely sugar coat their feedback to the detriment of your project. 
  • Even flops bear fruit. Lessons learned and skills developed in a failed project or launch often become the foundations for your next success. 
  • Shorten your timeline of production. Taking too long to release a project may result in a disjointed bundle instead of a focused product from start to finish. 
  • Collaborate with communication. Clearly understand your roles and commitments when working on projects with partners. 
  • Edit ruthlessly, but don’t delete anything. Give yourself permission to trim your content by saving extraneous material in a “for later” folder. 
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