The Lead Generation from Leadpages
Dimitrije Ostojić shares how he’s become a leading voice in digital marketing in the Balkans, reveals his favorite list building method and gives a great way to convert leads into customers at scale.

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Dimitrije is the founder of Default Design, a global digital marketing agency headquartered in Novi Sad, Serbia. Focusing on marketing automation and lead generation, Dimitrije, and his team bring strategic planning and tactical implementation to each project they take on. 

Top Takeaways
  1. Don’t be afraid to give something new a try. You can invest a little bit of time and/or money and if it works out well then you can put more energy into it with less risk.
  2. Get to know your audience and be authentic. This way you are able to establish who you are and the value of your brand – without shoving a sale in their face.
  3. Keep yourself motivated. As an entrepreneur it’s easy to lose momentum, so find someone or something that can help you stay motivated and inspired. This could be anything from listening to new podcasts or following people in your space on Twitter.
  4. Put in the work to grow your list. Frequent webinars on topics that appeal to your audience is a great way to do that, plus webinars are an excellent testing ground for your next product idea. 
  5. Help your clients get real results from the work you do with them. Get them to truly know the value, not just see it in theory.
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