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Cheryl Muir shares her journey from corporate public relations to becoming a relationship whisperer, the tools she uses to market her coaching business, and a mindset shift to pricing your programs and services at a higher rate.

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Cheryl delivers “Love Bites” videos to her community at, where she provides programs and private coaching to women ready for an empowered relationship. 

Top Takeaways
  • Know your worth. Know the value of what you bring to the table, both in terms of the experience you bring to the table and the results you’re helping your clients achieve. 
  • Reach out and connect with someone. When it comes to increasing your exposure, pitch to as many people as possible through their online contact information and social networks. 
  • Put in the work. You've got to work hard. You've got to be really focused and aligned to your why. 
  • Hustle with boundaries. To be fully present in your work with clients, create routines that allow you to turn off work-mode so you can recharge.
  • Turn up awareness. Read books, listen to podcasts, and take on experiences that help you tune in to what matters most to you. 
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