The Lead Generation from Leadpages
The Leadpages podcast, ConversionCast has a new name, format, and host.  

You can find the best of ConversionCast at

Going forward, enjoy fresh episodes of The Lead Generation, hosted by Bob Sparkins, the Lead Evangelist at Leadpages. 

We're showcasing the real inspiring journeys taken by the entrepreneurs of our Leadpages community. 
We call this community The Lead Generation. 
In our brand new episodes, we’re bringing you conversations with today’s entrepreneurs and side-hustlers willing to tell the truth about what it takes to be your own boss, and how making a transformative impact on the lives of our customers is just as important as padding the revenue at the bottom line. 
Coming up in our first episode is the fascinating growth story of Pat Flynn, who turned a pink slip into a remarkable business. 
So join us for this next chapter of the Leadpages podcast. Subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast app. You can expect new episodes to come out weekly, with show notes and transcripts on the Leadpages blog. 
For now, head on over to to see what’s coming up on The Lead Generation. 
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