The Lead Generation from Leadpages
Jenn Cohen shares the story of her entrepreneurial journey, including what held her back, who pushed her forward, and how she persists in order to impact more kids around the world as they pursue their college dreams. 
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Jenn is the founder of LaunchPad Education. With a team of tutors, they provide personalized, 1-1 online SAT and ACT test prep to students with ADHD or other special learning needs.  

After two decades in the world of in-person test-prep for high school students, Jenn decided to strike out on her own to develop an online tutoring business that serves teenagers who learn a little differently. 
Top Takeaways
  1. If you’ve developed skills at delivering a service in person, consider doing it online to a wider audience.
  2. Pay attention to the encouragement coming from your inner circle.
  3. Start building a team as your personal bandwidth diminishes, freeing up your time to do higher-leveraged activities for your business.
  4. Test new marketing ideas with list-building/interest campaigns in Leadpages
  5. Persist and prosper – probably in ways you can’t predict.
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