The Lead Generation from Leadpages
ChihYu Smith shares tips on discovering your niche, how to listen better to your audience, and secrets she’s learned in building up her following.

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ChihYu grew up in southern Taiwan and now calls Brooklyn, New York home with her husband Nate. She teaches busy folks how to make everyday Asian-inspired Paleo cuisine that tastes better than takeout from her site, and is about to release her first cookbook, Asian Paleo.

Top Takeaways
  1. When figuring out your niche, listen to people who are willing to pay for the solutions they’re searching for.
  2. Just because you’re an expert, it doesn’t mean your first (or second) product is going to be a big hit. Expect revisions to be required. 
  3. Blogging in 2019 is different than the “wonder years” before 2016. You can still be successful, but you need to blog about a very specific, narrow niche to get the right attention. 
  4. When creating a lead magnet, think backward from the type of product or service that you offer, and use a very similar format. 
  5. Defy expectations from audiences’ limiting beliefs. Provide value that surprises them. 
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