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Tim Paige shares his journey into the world of voice acting, how he handles the stress of a gig-to-gig business and his secrets for finding work-life balance as you pursue your passions.

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Over the last few years, Tim has established himself as an in-demand voice actor for podcast intros, television promotions, and audiobooks. In fact, you may have heard Tim's voice on commercials promoting shows on NBC, The CW, and in Jimmy Kimmel skits, just to name a few. 

** Top Takeaways **
  1. Reach out for help from people who are doing what you do and do not be afraid to ask for the yes.
  2. The mental game is the most difficult part of the entrepreneurial journey.
  3. Be open to doing the thing you love to do more frequently for your happiness, even if it doesn’t pay as well as alternatives. 
  4. The entrepreneurial schedule can bring you more time with your family, while also bringing narrow times of sacrifice to grow your status in the field. 
  5. Do what you love to do that the market is willing (and eager) to pay you to do it.
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