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Talia Wolf is the conversion rate optimizer behind, a CRO consultancy and education company that shows companies how to 10x their results through emotional targeting. 
This is Talia’s third appearance on a Leadpages podcast, and this time she breaks down the steps to effectively research your market, get to know what your audience is thinking about their problem, and the real reason why you shouldn’t talk about your competition in your marketing.
Also, Talia and Shanelle Mullin from Shopify have just released a brand new guide to landing pages that I know you’re going to want to dive into. We’ve co-sponsored this guide so you can get it free at
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About the Podcast
The Lead Generation Podcast features small business origin stories and marketing lessons for coaches, consultants, service professionals, and leads-dependent entrepreneurs. Our goal is to fire you up for your own business and shorten your pathway to profit while you make a positive impact on your audience. 
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